Project Advisors

Long-term investors and thinkers will advise the project, liaise with faculty at the colleges, and more:

  • Ms. Luara Rittenhouse, CEO, Rittenhouse Rankings Inc.
  • Professor Bruce Greenwald, Columbia University
  • Mr. Chris Bloomstran, Semper Augustus
  • Mr. Lawrence Cunningham, Professor George Washington University
  • Mr. Jeff Gramm, Bandera Partners
  • Mr. Clifford Sosin, CAS Investment Partners
  • Mr. David Marcus, Evermore Global Advisors
  • Mr. Michael Weinberg, APG Asset Management
  • Mr. Paul Lountzis, Lountzis Asset Management

Project Leaders

The project staff will mentor the student team, wherever needed, help them with the questions about the project. The faculty at the colleges will choose the student team. In addition to the Advisors, Project Staff will liaise with the faculty as needed.

East Coast

Jim Basili, Lighthsail Capital

Henry Patner, HEG Capital

Jeffrey Hamm, van Biema Value Partners

Steven Wood, Greenwood Investors

Ginny Moore, CAS Investment Partners

Andrew Kahn, Kahn Brothers Group

Kian Ghazi, Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School

Lance Ettus, CAS Investment Partners

Anand Raghu, Bardin Hill Investment Partners

Gabelli Center at Fordham offered to provide class room space as available at Fordham Lincoln Center for group presentations of competing teams.

Mid Atlantic / DC

Evan Vanderveer, Vanshap Capital

Joe Koster, Boyles Asset Management

Kwame Webb, Brown Capital Management

Connor Leonard, Investors Management Corp

West Coast

Patrick Brennan

Jason Fang, RBF Capital

Rishi Gosalia, Google Inc.

Max Olson, Mashgin Inc

Mid West/Chicago

Philip Ordway, Anabatic Investment Partners

Robert Jackson, Dorsey Asset Management

Vishal Mishra, Mishra Capital Partners

Michael Melby, Gate City Capital Management

Mona Alshorah, ASB Solutions

Mr Pat Dorsey offered to host students at their offices in downtown Chicago and speak with the students.


Jocelyn Bilkey, Emory Investment Management

Liza Scott, Spider Management Company


Ginny Moore


Andrew Kahn

Board Members

Jim Basili

Henry Patner

Jeffrey Hamm

Vishal Mishra, Founder and Catalyst